Wherever you may be in the world now, there may be or not some guidelines on whether or not and how to tip the waitress or waiter when you enjoyed your meal in a cafe, restaurant, or any other building offering food services. If back at home you may be welcome to tip your waitress or waiter, you may be understood wrongly abroad. And when traveling, how much should you tip a waiter, if you are thankful for the level of the service? Airflyby Travel Blog is always happy to share with useful assorted travel tips to make your trip easier and more pleasant, and today’s blog post is no different. Read on to find out how much do you tip a waiter around the world, and even if you are allowed to do so.

Due to the increasing development of the travel industry, you may find out that tipping in some countries is much more welcome than it has been before. Not to say, the service industry is already used to receiving tips from tourists, especially from Americans, since these are used to leaving tips for good customer services at home. Despite that fact, leaving a tip for the offered services has always been discretionary, and even forbidden in some countries. Therefore, it is necessary to know the tipping around the world guidelines of a certain country to avoid faux pas.

Standard Tip in the US

Currency: US Dollar $

Tipping in the US is always welcome, but you may proceed to leave a tip for a waiter if it wasn’t already included. If there are no service charges, you may tip the waiter a 15 - 20% of your total bill before tax. If you go to a restaurant and there is a coat check, leaving $1 or $2 may be enough. Leave a couple of bucks at the bar unless you are served food. If you are going to have a meal, then leave a 15 - 20% tip from it. When ordering a coffee or a snack at a local coffee shop or take-out spot, there might be a jar for tips. You are not obliged to leave a tip. But if you’re pleased with the offered service, then $1 may be sufficient to show your gratitude.

Standard Tip in the UK

Currency: 1 Pound Sterling ≈  1.30 US Dollars

You may not leave tips for offered restaurant services since these often add service charges. If it is not the case, then leaving a 10 - 15 % of your bill total is enough. On the other hand, you are not expected to be leaving tips at fast-food spots and pubs.

Standard Tip in Australia

Currency: 1 Australian Dollar A$ ≈  0.69 US Dollars

You are not expected to leave tips at any bars and other food-serving establishments unless you go to a high-end restaurant. In that case, give the waiter a 10% tip.

Standard Tip in Brazil

Currency: 1 Brazilian Real R$ ≈  0.24 US Dollars

In Brazil, 10% service charges are already set at many establishments. If not, the proper tip for waitress is considered 10%.

Standard Tip in Canada

Currency: 1 Canadian Dollar C$ ≈  0.76 US Dollars

In Canada, tipping guidelines are similar to those in the US. So, the extra money a waiter gets from a customer is around 15 - 20% of the sum.

Standard Tipping in Cuba

Currency: 1 Cuban Peso ≈  0.037 US Dollars

Leaving a 10 - 15% tip at restaurants and bars is customary on Cuba and other Carribean countries.

Standard Tip in China and Hong Kong

Currency: 1 Chinese Yuan ≈  0.14 US Dollars
Currency: 1 Hong Kong Dollar HK$ ≈  0.13 US Dollars

For a long time, giving waiters tips was not welcome and even considered a rude practice in China. Now, tipping is becoming more and more acceptable, especially in tourist spots. On the other hand, In Hong Kong tipping etiquette says that leaving a tip for good service is appreciated, and a 10 - 15 % at a refined restaurant might be enough. At some establishments in Hong Kong, there might be already set a 10 - 15% service charge, therefore, you may round up the bill to show your manners and gratitude. Also, you’re not expected to leave tips at bars.

Standard Tip in Croatia

Currency: 1 Croatian Kuna kn ≈  0.15 US Dollars

It is your discretion to leave or not tips at Croatian restaurants and other food offering establishments. But if you want to offer a tip for the waitress, 10 - 15% of the total at a fine restaurant is enough. Rounding up the bill is also a common practice at casual spots.

Standard Tip in France

Currency: 1 Euro ≈  1.10 US Dollars

Since service charges, or else said service compris, are usually included in bills at restaurants, bars, and cafes, you may not be expected to tip a waiter. If not, you may leave a 15% tip at a restaurant in case you are pleased with the accorded service.

Standard Tip in India

Currency: 1 Indian Rupee ≈  0.014 US Dollars

Though you may think India has built a tipping culture, when you are literally asked to give a tip, it is, in fact, quite the opposite. Though locals are not required to leave tips for the offered services, you, as a tourist, are pretty expected to tip waiters. Therefore, the waiter’s tip at a fancy restaurant or other establishments is around 10%. What’s for casual spots, this tip is huge, and you may give 5% of the total instead. Also, make sure the service charge is not included.

Standard Tip in Italy

Currency: 1 Euro ≈  1.10 US Dollars

There are usually cover charges (pane e coperto) and/or service charges (servizio) included at Italian restaurants. However, in some regions, like Lazio, pane e coperto has been banned. Therefore, you may not leave any tips if you don’t want, as it is not viewed as a disgrace or bad manners. If you are really pleased with the level of service you have been offered, then you can round up the bill.

Standard Tip in Japan

Currency: 1 Japanese Yen ≈  0.009 US Dollars

Just like in China, there is a no-tipping culture, but the difference is that in Japan, tipping is considered a rude practice. It is not unheard of waiters running after customers to return the tip, therefore, a sincere ‘thank you’ might be enough.

Standard Tip in Mexico

Currency: 1 Mexican Peso Mex$ ≈  0.05 US Dollars

The standard tip for waiters in Mexico is 10 - 15%. The tipping guidelines are similar to those in the US, so you may do just the same in Mexico to show your manners and gratitude.

Standard Tip in Morocco

Currency: 1 Moroccan (د.م.) Dirham ≈ 0.10 US Dollars

If you want to leave a tip for the waitress, give 10% from your sum on the bill for good service. You are free to round up the bill at bars, as well.

Standard Tip in the Philippines

Currency: 1 Philippine Peso ≈  0.019 US Dollars

Just like in Morocco, it is absolutely up to you to tip a waiter or not. If there’s no service charge included, tipping 10% is enough to say “thank you” for good service.

Standard Tip in Russia

Currency: 1 Russian Ruble ≈  0.016 US Dollars

In case you are pleased with the service at the restaurants and cafes in Russia, a 10% tip might be enough. Don’t leave tips at bars, unless you get table service.

Standard Tip in Sweden

Currency: 1 Swedish Krona kr ≈  0.106 US Dollars

There is no need to tip at restaurants, bars, and cafes in Sweden and pretty every other Scandinavian countries as service charges are usually added to the bill. If not, you may round up the bill at modest spots and leave a 10% tip at high-end restaurants.

Standard Tip in Singapore

Currency: 1 Singapore Dollar S$ ≈  0.74 US Dollars

There is no such practice as to tip a waiter at a restaurant or a bar unless it is a refined establishment. Be ready to offer a 10% at tourist areas, since the locals already got accustomed to it.

Standard Tip in South Africa

Currency: 1 South African Rand R ≈  0.07 US Dollars

When you travel to South Africa, you may question yourself, “how much do you tip at a restaurant?”. It is usually up to you to leave or not a tip, but if you do it, give out 10 - 15% from your bill.

Standard Tip in Spain

Currency: 1 Euro ≈  1.10 US Dollars

Also named propina, tipping is not expected in Spain, even though the average tip out for servers at sophisticated restaurants is around 10%. A simple round-up is enough for the rest of the establishments.

Standard Tip in Thailand

Currency: 1 Thai Baht ฿ ≈  0.033 US Dollars

If you have been given a great service, it is a good habit to leave a tip that equals around 10% of the total on your bill. You may also want to round up the bill to show your appreciation.

Standard Tip in Turkey

Currency: 1 Turkish Lira ≈  0.17 US Dollars

Called as baksheesh, tipping in Turkey is expected, especially in big cities and tourist spots. If a service charge (servis dahil) is not included, you may leave a 10% tip from your total bill.  At bars, rounding up the bill is a common practice.

Standard Tip in UAE

Currency: 1 Emirati (د.إ) Dirham ≈  0.17 US Dollars

Besides a 10% service charge, your bill will include a 6% tourist tax. Though you are not expected to tip in this case, you may give the waiter 10 - 15% from your total. Give the same amount if no charges are added to your bill. The same works for other countries in the Middle East, for instance, Israel and Egypt.

Since we've disclosed some details on tipping etiquette around the world, hopefully, your trips will be burden-free and less complicated. Airflyby Team wishes you enjoyable trips wherever you may fly!

Last Updated on December 23, 2019.