Traveling, while the novel coronavirus outbreak is spreading across the globe, seems like a crazy idea. But if you follow the official advisories, you may be secure to accomplish any of your travel goals. In addition to the fact that places listed below, part of the best places to travel for spring vacation, are very pictorial, they are also safe to travel right now.

Keep in mind that 2019-nCoV can’t be traced with high accuracy, hence we can’t say whether the places you might choose for visiting this spring will or not be safe to travel in the near future. Nonetheless, you may rely on this blog post since we monitor the latest updates on coronavirus outbreak.

What’s for the safest travel destinations, in the event of novel coronavirus outbreak, read on to find out which are these so that you don’t give up on any of your travel plans.

Antalya - Turkey

Turkey is considered to be one of the safest travel destinations for spring 2020. So, why would you choose this country and particularly Antalya? Among the pro factors that would make you opt for this destination is that it is a beautiful concoction of relaxation travel and city exploration.

Antalya is the epitome of a beach destination with its extensive white-sanded beaches, hot sun, and turquoise water. What else is your heart longing for? Is an adventure missing in your travel plans? Stroll down Antalya’s streets and marvel at the old architecture, interact with the locals to soak up the nation’s culture, set out for a visit to Duden waterfalls, have a boat ride along the coast, or hit the road to Pamukkale.

Don’t forget about the coronavirus security measures while traveling to Turkey. Though it is a safe place, you might want to double-check that your health is out of risk.

The Algarve - Portugal

Since it is advised to avoid crowded areas, especially in cities with coronavirus, The Algarve is a wonderful choice, since it is the least dense region in Europe. Among other advantages that would make you opt for The Algarve’s cities like Lagos, Aljezur, or Lagoa are the eucalyptus and pine tree forest, as well as the fresh sea air, which are beneficial for the respiratory tract.  

Since the region is fully washed in sun rays, you may prefer to engage yourself in some kind of sports. Golf, trekking, or surfing in the evening might go well along with a morning sunbath and a mid-day treat at a local restaurant.

Budapest - Hungary

If you don’t want to give up your travel plans for this spring, and haven’t made up your mind where to go, then set out for Budapest and get an amazing city break experience. Hungary's capital is one of the safest countries in Europe, from any point of view. No wonder it is, as the balanced lifestyle people are having here works for the creation of a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy long walks through the city center and inspect its timeworn but still incredible architecture, get to know its culture and history through it and watch how you fall in love with it. Budapest will make you forget about any worries and will leverage your vacation.

Switch a large hotel complex with a private tourist apartment, a villa, a room in a small guesthouse, or a medium-sized hotel to ensure your safety, since the fewer people share a space, the lesser chance for a fast spread of the coronavirus disease.

Corfu - Greece

Corfu is a small, yet unbelievably scenic, Greek island, which is covered in lush greenery than the other island. The greatest thing about the place is that it has fresh air and low population density, the two factors that might make Corfu your choice.

Though the best time to visit Corfu is between May and August, the cheapest and the least crowded time is in mid-spring. These are already great pro factors, but here’s one more advantage - it’s coronavirus free. It looks like it is an amazing destination, full of relaxation, adventure, and enlightening opportunities.

The Lofoten Islands - Norway

Norway is also a country that hasn’t reported any coronavirus cases. Consequently, the picturesque Lofoten Islands made our list. By traveling to the archipelago, you may get the most relaxing vacation as it is a quiet and peaceful place. Get in touch with the Nordic culture, and you won’t want to leave any time soon.

Wear a mask and keep distance with people showing coronavirus symptoms. These are represented by cough and sneeze.  

Wroclaw - Poland

Poland is apart from countries with coronavirus, hence you may practice usual precautions while traveling to it. That means you are free to choose it as your vacation destination this spring or travel to it for other purposes, either it is a family reunion or a business trip.

But why choose Wroclaw as your destination? The advantage of traveling to this incredible city is that it displays a unique vibe and appearance. The colorful and architectural buildings have exceptional designs that won’t leave you unaffected.

Riga - Latvia

Since Riga’s city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you may already want to see it, but is it safe in the light of the novel coronavirus outbreak? The short answer is, “Yes.” According to Latvia’s Healthcare Minister Ilze Viņķele’s statement, the government has already adopted measures to prevent the spread of 2019-nCoV in their country.

If you are a history and architecture lover, then Riga might be your hidden treasure. Make sure to gasp at the Old Town’s buildings, since there are displayed the largest number of Art Nouveau buildings - unique structures that strike with colors, architectural elements, and designs.

When exploring the city make sure you use alcohol gel to disinfect your hands or wash your hands with soap and warm water frequently. As a measure of precaution, don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with hands, which haven’t been previously disinfected.

Menorca - Spain

As the peak season falls in the summertime, spring is the greatest time for a serene and budget-friendly family vacation in Menorca. The respiratory virus hasn’t made it to these heavenly beautiful islands, so you may stay relaxed on it while enjoying the scapes, getting involved in some adventurous activities, like cycling or hiking, or while you lay on the pristine beaches.

Since Menorca is a small island (you can make it from one end to another in just one hour), you have the opportunity to explore several spots rather than stay in one. Travel from Ciutadella to Mahon, try the delectable cuisine and explore the local attractions to gain substantial memories.

Patagonia - Chile

You may have heard about Patagonia’s beauties, but you may need to see it with your own eyes to fully comprehend it. One for sure, at the moment, the region is coronavirus-free and is absolutely spectacular. Mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, small towns, glaciers, volcanoes, and forests create Patagonia we all know, Patagonia, which has yet what to offer.

Kayaking, trekking, cycling, horse riding, and just landscape observing in Patagonia can be carried out just as easy, as you would in other parts of the world. But could you do those all in one place? Probably. Nonetheless, the experience you would gain there will be incomparable.

If you discovered the characteristic coronavirus symptoms when traveling, make sure you get help from the local authorities and health centers. Get in touch with the local health institutions in case the symptoms appear when you are at home.

Barra - Outer Hebrides

No wonder small remote islands are the safest place to travel, especially as the novel coronavirus outbreak has spread to many regions of the world. That’s explained by the fact that travelers aren’t visiting them frequently, and their population is low.

Barra is the perfect escape from a busy city and an excellent opportunity to lay all day either on a fine-sand beach or lush grass. Since it showcases a mild climate, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy picnics in the purest air in the UK, have long walks on the beach at night, and recharge your batteries at fullest by absorbing the beauty of these lands.

Here you go, 10 safest countries to visit from the novel coronavirus. If you decide no to surrender your travel plans, please make sure the place is still safe. We, on our side, will keep you updated once we intake the latest news. No matter what destination you will choose to travel this spring, let it be safe and secure from any point of view!