Traveling to various locations, exploring breathtaking places, and chilling in the most well-known towns on the planet is the dream of any new or avid traveler. But, did you try digging deeper into these dreams? Each traveler has his own aspirations of course, but almost everyone desires to stroll the streets of the most famous, yet the most expensive cities in the world.

If you’re one of the above mentioned, and you’re already making plans to set everything going, hold on for a minute and do a short price research. Check how much a stay in a specific country and, particularly, in a city might cost. Here’s a list of ten most expensive travel destinations and a set of tips for surviving in a city that can burn a hole in your wallet.

10.  Frankfurt


The top 10 list of the most expensive tourist destinations opens Frankfurt. Known for its world-famous airport (which is the fourth largest airport in Europe), and being the place where the essential business and financial work is done, Frankfurt is a genuine paradise for business travelers. But, in fact, on its base lays an old but charming town with lots of parks and streets filled with lively people.

Due to an impressive number of travelers who visit this city annually, the prices for accommodations are not savvy as expected. Another important thing, that any traveler will need to have access to, is public transport. Surprisingly, or not, to take a taxi is 30% more expensive than in NY. And public transport is not cheap either.

Money saving tips: Frankfurt is a relatively small town, so you may consider strolling it on foot or on a bike. There is a plenitude of sightseeings that you can admire just by walking down the streets. To save money on accommodations, check the calendar before you take a trip to the city and find out when the major trade events are happening. During that period, weekly hotel rates are skyrocketing.

9.  Paris


Paris is full of romanticism, you feel refreshed and joyful when you visit it, and you have plenty to admire in it. That’s what many tourists think about this destination and what they expect. But soon enough, after you land your feet on these grounds, you will be surprised about the money you’d be spending during your trip to Paris. And all your expenses can ruin your expectations and some of the plans that you had in your mind.

There are a lot of things to see in Paris, which can increase your cultural awareness, inspire you, and broaden your knowledge, including the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysee. But as it is regularly stormed by tourists from around the world, the provided services in this city are at ridiculous price points! There is a high chance you would turn down a car rental when you would discover the price of gasoline. In fact, it is twice as much as it is in NY.

Money saving tips: To save money during your trip to Paris, stay away from fashion week, as the prices for the hotel stay can go through the roof during the period. It is unbelievably expensive to live in Paris, so make sure you research and book the hotel rooms well in advance to get the most advantageous rates. And avoid minibars. Instead, go to the local supermarket and by what you want to enjoy.

8.  London


Home for such landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Tower Bridge - London has always attracted an astonishing number of tourists. Though it has a rich and globally significant history, nowadays, London is a busy, international, and cultural metropolis, housing more than eight million people. Discover the most fascinating surroundings of London, but be prepared to lay out a lot for the stay.

Even the small things will require to up your budget: a taxi ride is 60% more expensive than in NY, and you’d pay 25% more than in NY for a meal in a low-priced restaurant. Accommodations aren’t cheap as well: the average price for a night in a hotel room is about $300. A 5-star hotel room will cost you around $500, a 4-star - about $400, and a room in a 3-star hotel comes to $200.

Money saving tips: It may seem that there's nothing that can be done on a budget in London, but, in fact, plenty of affordable and even free walking tours are done. Find out from the locals where affordable meals and drinks are offered and surf the web to find hidden attractions to diversify your trip.

7.  Dubai


Extravagant lifestyle, an impressive number of crazy sports cars, a multitude of famous brand shops - that’s what we know Dubai for. Besides man-made islands in the form of palms and the highest building on the planet, Dubai can impress travelers with its prices on a wide range of items and services.

A hotel stay for a night can cost you a leg and an arm, and that’s not surprising as the city operates on the principle of money spending. There are many activities to be performed in this sun-burnt city, aside from strolling it, watching the glassy futuristic skyscrapers, and shopping around all day long. The last is an easy task considering the impressive number of malls.

Dubai is a Muslim city. That’s why you wouldn’t get much alcohol in local restaurants. And, if travelers could find them, they would need to pay a small fortune for a pint of beer or a cocktail.

Money saving tips: As the city was built for a luxurious lifestyle and lavish leisure time, it is hard not to spend large amounts of money, whether living in or visiting it. Stick to walking around the city, visiting the local Hindi and Muslim temples, watching free horse and camel races if you care about your budget.

6.  Tokyo


It may seem that a city like Tokyo, due to its size and number of people, should be loud and chaotic. But, in fact, it is a safe, quiet, and organized place. If you had the opportunity to be at the crosswalk in Shibuya, you’d see a big crowd of people crossing without the hassle and patiently the road.

Tokyo’s culture is absolutely impressive. You can discover its true beauty everywhere - from the skyscrapers that spread so far that your eyes can see and its population that impresses with its mentality, to the old temples and gardens with sakura. The only turn down is its prices on accommodations, taxis, and even flight tickets, that seem to be the same priced as tickets to Mars.

Money saving tips: Though Tokyo is considered an expensive place to live in or to visit, it is possible to spend less. You can save money for a flight ticket to Japan by purchasing tickets from an OTA like Play a bit with the dates to find the best fare. You can head towards Omoide Yokocho and buy the cheap but delicious street food and discover the beauty of the old city. There’s plenty of sightseeing in this city, so you won’t need a crazy amount of money for it.

5.  Copenhagen


When thinking about the most expensive cities around the globe, you’d be imagining that it implies everyday rides on taxis, thousands of dollars spent on shopping, and fancy hotels ruining your budget. But in fact, it’s all about small expenses. When visiting Copenhagen, and simply going to a coffee shop to sip in the local espresso or latte, the price of it might blow your mind away.

According to UBS’s Coffee prices from São Paulo to Shanghai, the average price for a coffee is $6.24. Making Copenhagen the silver medalist in “The most expensive coffee in the world” competition. In fact, you’d be enjoying two coffees back at home, in the US, for that price. And, this is just the mountaintop of items you’d be paying a ridiculous amount of money for.

The list makes taxi rides and Big Macs - the essentials of any millennial. If you want to enjoy one of these burgers during your visit to Denmark, you’d need to hand over $4.85 in a local McDonalds. To travel from your hotel to any place you’d want to visit, you might take a taxi. But before doing it, you should know that the average price for a two-mile ride is ranging between $8 and $11 per person.

Money saving tips: Copenhagen is one of the most cyclist-friendly cities in Europe. As it also is a compact city, you’d want to consider taking a bike to move around it. Besides that, enjoy the local food which is much cheaper, and save the money for the Big Mac when you go home. Spend some quality time visiting the free local attractions and don’t forget about the famous multi-color Nyhavn harbor and comprehend the true meaning of hygge.

4.  Oslo


The northern capital is often seen in the top three cities in the world for quality of life. Seeing its rich culture, natural and architectural beauty, and its history, it is totally understandable why. As its economy is based on oil mining, it is not surprising that Norway’s capital is one of the most expensive places to visit, perhaps the most expensive countries to travel to.

Expect to pay outrageous amounts for transport, dining, and accommodations. Want a beer? Pay more than $9 for a pint. A burger? Drop another $7.5. Fancy dinner? It will cost you more than $50! Oslo is always ready to bring expensive to another level.

Money saving tips: Fortunately, ticket prices from the US to Oslo are relatively affordable. With a bit of patience, you can find tickets that cost less than $300. But, when it comes to the visit itself, try to rent an apartment with a kitchen and cook your own meals. Take the bike to move around the capital, and attend free local events. There are plenty of them, just make a research on the web.

3.  Zurich


Zurich is a city that fulfills every traveler’s stereotypical thoughts about this place. Serious-looking locals who stroll down the streets in business attire, expensive watches on their wrists, banks, and, wistfully, sky-high prices. No wonder Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world for tourists, as prices here are serious too.

It is extremely expensive to live in this city, and pretty much everything costs more than in NY. Starting with the taxi, you’d be taking from the airport, and ending with the dinners, you’d be attending in the best-rated restaurants. Even public transport prices run high. You’d need to pay 50% more compared to what you’d need to pay in NY for a one-way ticket.

Money saving tips: Between May and October, you can rent a bike to move around the city. Zurich isn’t huge, so there shouldn’t be any problem with it. Besides that, you’d be paying a lot less compared to a cab ride. Research or ask the locals where you can have affordable meals, as regular sit-down restaurants offer food for outrageous prices.

2.  Geneva


Unsurprisingly, another city from Switzerland made the list. After the level of monthly earnings, this city is the leading one in the world. And, as expected, the locals sustain a lavish lifestyle. Besides having to pay crazy money to live in Geneva, you’d have to pay the same exact amount while visiting it.

You can always watch the scenery of the city, admire its architecture and natural beauty, but when it comes to take a meal or drive to a place, you’d need to fork over big money. Yes, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to visit on the planet, but the beauties and the experience it provides is worth it.

Money saving tips: It is expensive even to make groceries in Geneva, but it is less costly than to go out for dinner. So, consider eating at your place of accommodation. Take your own wine and cook a meal. We advise getting a bottle of locally produced wine. It is tasty and less expensive.

1.  New York

new york

If you live in the US, you may know that New York is the most expensive places to travel to for a foreigner (and even for an inhabitant). This cosmopolitan metropolis is a genuine glass-and-steel, brick-and-mortar wonder. There’s always something to see and love for anyone who comes by. The city with an impressive number of sky-scrappers and a number of exceptional Soho galleries welcomes tourists with its arms wide open, but can absolutely ruin anyone’s budget.

Starting with the hotel stay, that certainly will disappoint any traveler with its cost, and ending with overpriced cuisine, NY will burn a hole in your wallet. The most concerning things are the accommodations, prices for hotel rooms coming to about $500 per night on average.

Money saving tips: One thing to consider is to rent a room or an apartment. The prices come lower than you would expect; just make some web research. Try renting a room or an entire apartment through specific renting services for this purpose, as there is a high chance to get a better value for an apartment in Manhattan, than a stay at the hotel. And maybe stay away from this town and visit some other amazing places in the US?

Last Updated on January 9, 2020.