The first step to a new adventure travel is deciding the destination and air ticket booking the ticket of course, but the flight isn’t the second, unfortunately. So what’s the next step, then? Well, sooner or later you’ll have to admit it and challenge this whole “packing thing”.

We get it, we’ve been there as well! The thoughts of what it’s gonna be like, what to expect, how you’ll feel about your long-awaited vacation or business travel flights, are truly mind-blowing! But as the departure date gets closer, you’ll have to take care of your luggage either way. Let’s face it, feels so much better to have everything prepared in time, than rushing everyone, including yourself in the last 2 hours before the take-off, and figuring out you have forgotten the passport home.

Don’t worry about that anymore, with a little more effort and the helpful tips that you’ll read below, your luggage will be prepared timely for any air flights.

Organize Your Suitcase on the Paper

Firstly, you need to make a list of what you must take with you. Bring your essentials accordingly to the amount of time you have to travel. Get the old-fashioned paper and pen, and write down the categories of your items, and then divide everything you must take accordingly. If you travel for business and do not get along with the previous method, try using your phone to do the job. A simple 'To Do' list inside your Notes app is enough. Just do not forget to check every item when packing.

Pack the Suitcase Accordingly

As you are done sorting all the items on paper (or your device), do the same thing when you need to pack them into a piece of luggage. Sort all the items by their type, or even occasion, and place them in different ziplock bags. This will give you a better understanding of where a certain thing is. You can even color-code them to make the searching process easier.

To save some space in your hold luggage, try the rolling method. We applied this method many times, and it has already been proven to be the best. We like it as after the clothes are rolled they don’t get so wrinkly. You'll have easier access to them, as well. All the clothes should be rolled and ordered in such a manner, so you can roll down and wear that certain piece of clothes without difficulty.

Order Matters

Last but not least, the order matters. The items should be placed in such a fashion that you can find a specific item inside your suitcase, and do not make a total mess. Shoes and other heavy stuff should be kept to the bottom of the travel bags, so the weight is evenly distributed. Items that can be stuffed should be stuffed with smaller items. For example, you can put your rolled socks in shoes. The next step is to order the clothes from the least to the most used with regard to better access to them. Keep your most used stuff on the surface, so you are able to reach for them with no trouble.  
No matter if it is a weekend getaway or a long-term vacation, getting the right amount of items can transform your hold baggage into one carry-on bag. One more piece of advice that we want to give you is a bit off-topic, but you'd want it to know. You should check the airlines' luggage allowances to avoid getting with you prohibited items or having excess baggage. You can even end up saving some money if you follow these allowances, so be careful if you choose to take more with you.

Follow the listed above tips, and also some useful hacks on packing for any type of travel. This way you will never think about packing like about something tiresome, or even troublesome. Find a way that will suit you the best, and that will help you organize any of your carry-on baggage or your checked baggage.

You'll get less stressed about it the more you practice it, and you'll get more satisfaction from your vacation or your business trip, as you'll start them without any tension. And remember to follow the baggage allowances when you pack your bags for your upcoming travel.

Last Updated on December 19, 2019.