Do not Waste Time and Money when Going to Fly

Check several useful tips and tricks that will help you find the best airfares for trips that usually take some expenses.

We wish everyone could fly anywhere for less and, therefore, be able to explore the beauties of the world, as we believe that natural wonders, astonishing landscapes, significant historical and cultural monuments, world-famous sites, and other attractions that are sprinkled around the globe can shed light on our minds and make the world a better place to live in.

Now, let’s get back to strategies you might have to apply to get the best flight prices. In fact, cheap air flight tickets don’t guarantee a comfortable and happy journey, as you might know, that coach seats are not the most pleasant ones to travel in. So, you might search for the best value tickets like business class, first class or crown seats that will allow you to have much more enjoyable air travel experience. Nonetheless, the lowest-priced tickets can be as your priority as for another business traveler or you can prefer the better bigger seat along with all included advantages of luxury service and VIP lounges.

Test your next Business Flight Booking

1. Search Airline Flights Well in Advance

Since airlines release tickets around 11 months in advance, you are able to start your ticket hunt ahead of the time you might have in mind. Check at least once a week whether there is an outstanding price offer or not. It is crucial to have a specific budget that is totally suitable for you. Once the offer matches your budget and your convenience, be ready to hop on it.

2-3 month in advance is pretty enought to find the affordable deal.

Sure enough, you are able to find extremely cheap last minute flights, but consider the fact that these might not be cheaper than the offer you book well in advance. Sometimes, the outcome is worth the wait.

2. The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

This question bothers so many flyers that we have to answer it. Though it is relatively hard to tell precisely when to book cheap flights airline tickets, one particular study that analyzed 560 million flight searches showed that the most favorable time to buy flight tickets was 7 weeks in advance, as for domestic flights. For international flights, the time is extended to a total of 11-12 weeks.

Rely on travel websites that shows convenient flight prices forecasts to show the approximate fairs on booking for next months.

The study also suggests that the worst time to buy tickets is 14 days before the departure date, and more than 5 months in advance. What’s for the day of the week and time of the day, there is no particular day or time of the day when you can get a bargain air ticket.

3. The Cheapest Days to Fly

There is no particular difference on what day of the week you might buy flight tickets, but there is a significant reason to check the day you want to FLY. So, be careful with the departure date as it might play a decisive role if you want to save money on plane tickets.

Days: from Monday till Thursday are good to start searching for a flight for your trip.

Multiple searches on the web revealed that the best day to fly out is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. And, contrarily, the worst days of departure are on Friday and Sunday. Frequent flyers also suggest to fly out on a Saturday and return on a Monday, for domestic flights, and to depart on Tuesday and get back on Wednesday, for international flights.

4. Flexibility Is the Key Factor

It is not a secret that the more you are flexible to more chances the travel agent can find and catch the best flight deal for you. Being open to different timetables may book you the ticket with a time of departure and arrival you are comfortable to experience, whether it is night or day flight. Try to check time options for the nearest days to be sure there you won't miss a better deal.

5. Make Time Adjustments to Fly Cheaply

Just like the day of the week, the time of the day can influence the price tag of a specific ticket. The best way to find cheap flights on a particular date is to play around with the time of the day. The best time to fly out is considered to be late morning till afternoon, and contrarily, the least favorable time of departure is yearly in the morning and during the night.

Night flights are cheaper than morning.

6. Find the Best Payment Method for Your Flight

You might know that some air carries charges fees when using a credit card. To avoid this unpleasant occurrence, you might want to pay somehow differently. For instance, Australian Qantas airlines provide the possibility to pay for their flights using Bpay, and Jetstar and Virgin airlines allow their customers to use the POLi system.

Though there are several alternative payment methods, as mentioned, totally ditching your credit card is not the case. Use your credit card on long-haul international flights and accumulate those frequent flyer points, get membership benefits, and stay safe, thanks to consumer protection.

Frequent flyers earn and spend airline miles from companies and alliances they are get used to travel with on transpacific and transatlantic destinations for different purposes.

7. Check Diverse Airports

This strategy is applicable only if there are multiple airports around your location. Before buying tickets, compare cheap flights between different airports of your departure location to get the best possible deal.

Take into consideration the place of your accommodation, since you may have to travel a greater distance and, eventually, a lot more to spend if you choose the unfitting airport.

8. Be Ready to Fly Where the Best Flight Deals Are

If you want to travel to a country where are the cheapest flight deals to at the moment, without your prior planning to it. Then consider other destinations for the type of traveling like a vacation.

To find affordable flight deals for specific locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America or Africa might be challenging, then try to follow the offered travel options that are open for the low season on travel websites.

9. Buy Round-Trip Tickets

In case you have to fly only in one direction, you might discover that some flight booking sites provide a lot cheaper round-trip tickets than one-way ones. So, why not consider buying a round-trip ticket for a one-way flight? It might seem a bit crazy, but sometimes you might make unexpected things to get the best out of a situation.

10. Fly with Different Airlines

In addition to the previous strategy, if you have to have a round trip, then shop for two separate one-way tickets. Some flight search engines allow air travelers to buy separate tickets at a more advantageous price. These might include two different airlines, as well. Take note that you will have to book tickets two times, check-in two times, and handle your baggage on your own if you have connecting flights.

11. Don’t Fly During Holidays

This tip might not be as unexpected as the other ones, but we have to mention it anyway. During holidays, there is a higher demand for tickets, and no wonder airlines increase their prices. So, avoiding this period is absolutely essential if you want to get the best cheap flights airline tickets.

The term “tourist season” is well-known, so you may already know that staying out of it might save you a penny, as well. Choose other months to go vacationing if you don't have to travel on a particular date. And, yes, cheap flights in August, regardless of the destination, might be just a dream.

12. Bear with Long Layovers

No wonder flights with long layovers and stopovers are less expensive. So, the best way to book flights, in this case, might be selecting one with a layover. Consider this option if it doesn’t bother you.

13. Consider Joining a Frequent Flyer Program

As these programs are free to join, go ahead and sign up of one. If you do it, you might get cheaper tickets, free flights, upgrades, and some other advantageous benefits. Keep in mind that sometimes paying a little more for one flights might get you savings for other ones with these programs. Which is well worth it.

14. Get an Airline Affiliated Credit Card

In case you have the possibility to get an airline affiliated credit card, go get one! It actually depends on the country you are living in, the airlines you fly with, and credit card type. So, check whether or not you are able to sign up for one and accumulate frequent flyer points.

Pay for your travel expenses and accommodation expenses as frequently as possible, but don’t go overboard with it as the interest might get increased (which you won’t want to happen). The other way to accumulate points is to shop around at affiliated airline stores.

15. Get Email Notifications with the Best Flight Deals

Find your best website to book flights, and sign up for e-newsletters not to miss the best flight deals. Sometimes, email subscribers can benefit from discount codes and offers, while other customers can’t.

16. Turn Your Age and Student Status in Your Favor

Some airlines and airline booking sites have special discounts for students. So, why not turn it into your favor?

17. Consider Purchasing Refundable Flight Tickets

Non-refundable flights are sometimes cheaper than the regular refundable ones. You might take the risk but think about it twice before booking these tickets. Having a bit of sanity is worth it, and if traveling long-haul, might be better to purchase refundable tickets and even travel insurance. If you remember the extraordinary circumstances, then you might make up your mind in favor of refundable tickets.

18. Search for Airlines That Don’t Charge Fees

Almost every airline charges fees for anything these days. It might be hard to find an air carrier that doesn’t charge for extra bags and over-sized ones, so complying with baggage allowances is always the case.

Try your best to find air carriers that don’t charge fees, and alternatively, travel only with your carry-on, pay for your checked baggage when you book your flight (it is cheaper than paying for it at the airport) and get informed on the baggage allowances of the airline you are flying with.

19. Find the Best Seats on Your Plane

Yes, when you select seats, you might pay extra money for it, but let’s face the fact of flying in the middle seat is not incredibly comfortable. So, consider paying a bit more for the seat you will enjoy spending the time flying.

20. Hop on a Mileage Run

If you don’t want to search for the best place to book flights and get on last minute flights to anywhere to save a bit of money, but wish you could save on tickets anyway, do what a lot of people do - a mileage run. Basically, you have to purchase a small cheap trip to whatever place in order to earn extra miles and increase your benefits.

One more thing that we have to advise is that you may turn on the incognito mode to stop travel websites spying on you.

Some of the online travel agencies offer to try and book unpublished travel deals that travelers might receive only upon personal request. For travel agents, this type is faster and convenient enough to discuss and send afterward the instant quotes to the customer via SMS, chat, and email, and then discuss all the details by phone. As the travel expert finds the fare upon request from hundreds of other search attempts in the global distribution system, the flight that can satisfy you will be available to book only the first 30 minutes till 1 hour.

A friendly approach with the customer should be one of the priorities. Based on undisclosed airfares from major airlines, travel agencies lets anyone take advantage of incredibly cheap flights for routes they are used to go or have never been to yet. Check it out and get the best tickets at the most competitive rates.

Last Updated on January 13, 2020.