Natural beauties have always been an object of admiration among tourists, thus spring is considered to be the best time of the year to praise our nature, and of course, to travel. Since flowers are one of the most charming creations, many would choose to admire them, and even search for the most amazing places that feature lots and lots of various flowers.

Airflyby Team stepped in to provide some exquisite flower festivals around the world in 2020 and give you the needed selection of spots for flower viewing. Continue reading and find some travel inspirations regarding trips you would make this spring.

1. Istanbul Tulip Festival, Turkey

Event’s Date: April 9 - 30th

Since tulips have been the symbol of Istanbul for more than 300 years, no wonder millions of these flowers have been planted across the entire city. Different varieties of tulips in all kinds of colors are sprinkled literally everywhere.

Traffic roundabouts, parks, gardens, avenues, all become a full-sized display of a myriad of tulips in spring. Consequently, the tulip festival has been born and has been attracting tourists from all corners of the planet ever since.

During the tulip festival, Istanbul is transformed into a wonderfully smelling and a good looking place. Plenty of performances are held on the streets to accompany the visual appearances. Thus no tourist can get bored while enjoying flower viewing.

2. Luoyang Peony Festival, China

Event’s Date: April 10th - May 10th

If you are fond of peonies, then China might be the right spot to watch a wide variety of peony flowers, since one of the oldest and one of the most incredible peony gardens are located here. Luoyang National Peony Garden holds more than 1,200 varieties of these flowers and more than a million of them.

Each spring, particularly between mid-April and mid-May, peonies attract locals and tourists willing to take in the beauty of these graceful flowers, and smell in their aroma. Here’s one more thing that can catch your attention - a 1,600-year-old peony tree. Wonderful leisure time and lots of visual pleasure are guaranteed.

3. Lily of the Valley, France

Event’s Date: May 1st

Known also as National Labor Day, May Day, and Lily of the Valley Day, May 1st is a significant date in the French calendar. Being a holiday that dates back to 1561, its history is tied to King Charles IX of France, who has been considered to be the initiator of lily of the valley flower-giving as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Nowadays, bouquets of fragrant lily of the valley flowers are given by men to their beloved ones as an expression of their appreciation and affection. Lily of the valley festival is also intersected by another holiday - Labor Day - whose symbol is also lily of the valley flowers.

During May 1st, parades are taking place all over France, and every town sparks with joy, flowers, and performances, as almost no one is working on this day.

4. RHS Chelsea Flower Show, UK

Event’s Date: May 19 - 23rd

Held annually, the Chelsea Flower Show is an exorbitant flower exhibition, which includes some of the most outstanding flower designs in the world. It is also considered one of the most famous landscapes and flower garden shows in the UK, if not the world. The festival is even attended by the British Royal Family and plenty of tourists from all over the world.

Chelsea Flower Show also has an extensive history, which first began in 1912 at Chelsea Hospital. Its popularity has been growing ever since, attracting both exhibitors and visitors, and even being covered on television.    

5. Anthestiria Flower Festival, Cyprus

Event’s Date: April 20th

Inspired by an ancient festival honoring the God of Theatre, Dionysus, the Anthestiria Flower Festival is a wide celebration that praises the rebirth of man and nature. During a specific day, across Limassol is held a large flower parade with specially designed floats, costumed performances, and a general vibe of joy.

6. Hana-Matsuri Floral Festival, Tokyo, Japan

Event’s Date: April 8 - 20th

Hana-Matsuri is a mix between a spring festival, a religious holiday, and other spring-related events. First of all, it is a celebration of Buddha's Birthday. Secondly, since cherry blossoms are blooming during the same period, it is also a celebration of spring. And last but not least, it is a commemoration of the Japanese culture, in general.

You can already guess that Hana-Matsuri is indeed a busy celebration. Large parades, costumes, performances, kids, flowers, decorations, and traditions create one beautiful concoction that has to be seen. One for sure, you won’t want to miss the cherry blossom festival or the rest of the events involving Japanese customs.

7. Colombian Flower Festival Parade, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Event’s Date: July 31st - August 9th

Flower Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Medellin, Colombia since it welcomes everybody willing to discover the beauty of different flower sorts and the diversity of this location. The flower industry has been steadily growing in Colombia, thus beginning with May 1957, Colombian Flower Festival has been entertaining and charming its visitors.

Since it is commonly known as the city of eternal spring, people coming to Medellin will be able to admire beautiful flower compositions, listen to live music and watch interesting performances. Stay until the end as the grand finale will be marked by the Silleteros Parade, during which local flower growers march with gorgeous flower arrangements on their back.  

8. Panagbenga Flower Festival, Baguio, Philippines

Event’s Date: February 1st - March 8th

Hurry up to catch a glimpse at the overwhelming Panagbenga Flower Festival and don’t miss the opportunity to witness spectacular events that take place during it. Since it is a cultural and social event, the flower festival aims to boost cultural awareness and nature appreciation. It is a vivid celebration of the blooming season that has been gaining character, spirit, and uniqueness ever since it began.

9. Madeira Flower Festival, Madeira, Portugal

Event’s Date: April 29th - May 5th

If you don’t know what city to visit in Portugal this spring, then let Madeira be your choice, since one gorgeous event will make you fall in love with this city. We are talking about the Madeira Flower Festival, which is a colorful and bold celebration of spring.

Since lots of flowers bloom during the season, these are sprinkled across the city. The celebration starts at the Wall of Hope, a flower mural built by the locals, and it continues with a huge Flower Parade. During the week, locals build unique flower carpets, that emanate the most pleasant fragrance.

10. Festas do Povo, Alentejo, Portugal

Event’s Date: Around August (date to be announced)

If you didn’t make it in time for the Madeira Flower Festival, don’t worry since there’s one more flower festival in the summer. Alentejo is ready to welcome everybody who is set to explore Portugal’s culture and beautiful traditions.

During the festival, all the city streets are adorned with paper flowers. And we don’t talk about like a few on every street, we talk about lots and lots of flowers. All different kinds of colors can be met everywhere you look, and what’s surprising, every single decoration is made by hand. Can you imagine the efforts people put into this work? We can’t!

11. Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Bay Lake, Florida

Event’s Date: March 4th - June 1st

It is to be noted that every event on our list is family-friendly. But we bet that the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2020 might be your kids’ choice. Since it takes place every year at Disney World in Florida, your little ones might love the entire experience.

Stroll around the amazing interactive flower gardens that include various flower sculptures, lush greenery, and a myriad of colors. And then head to the nearby theme parks to boost the mood of your trip.

12. Dalat Flower Festival, Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

Event’s Date: December 23 - 27th, 2020

Da Lat is on its own a flower kingdom, but during the flower festival, it gains a spectacular appearance. Celebrated only once in two years, this phenomenal flower festival is sensed from every corner of the city as flowers are sprinkled all over it.

This unique city features European architecture, and that is why it is often called “little Paris.” Additionally, the Dalat Flower Festival adorned this city and is set to impress with various activities that won’t let you get bored.

13. National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C

Event’s Date: March 20th - April 12nd

Though cherry blossom trees aren’t as common as in Japan, the US has a festival dedicated to the graceful flora species as well. Marching bands, balloons, floats, music, and showmanship are featured at the festival parade to mark the friendship between Japan, the country which gifted the USA several cherry blossom trees on March 27, 1912.

14. Belgravia in Bloom, Belgravia, UK

Event’s Date: May 18 - 23rd

This year, the theme of the festivals is “future of flowers,” hence something spectacular might be expected. The entire area of Belgravia is adorned in various flower compositions which aren’t only attractive, but also really fragrant. The epicenter of the entire flower festival is in Eccleston Yards, where a Floral Imaginarium will be created this year.

15. Fuji Shibazakura Festival, Fuji Five Lakes, Japan

April 18th - May 31st

Shibazakura Festival is another occasion to praise nature’s beauties. Though cherry blossoms are the main attraction, one more flower species can catch your attention. Also called pink moss, shibazakura creates a large pink flower carpet that has a subtle aroma and a charming aspect.

It is an incredible experience to admire this pink bed of flowers rolling over the valleys while having a lake and a huge mountain range in the background. That’s what we call a peaceful and relaxing leisure time.