Sprinkled across the globe, several hotels have been built in the most unusual place - the water. If you are thinking that water is not the coziest place to stay, and even to sleep in, the list below will completely dispel these thoughts. Prepare your wallet as these underwater resorts will tempt you to visit them as soon as possible.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, UAE

At the underwater resort, both of its suites - aptly called Poseidon and Neptune - are the epitome of luxury. The bedroom window that spreads from the ceiling to the floor provides an incredible view of the water life or at least a part of it. In fact, the Atlantis underwater hotel itself isn’t submerged in any ocean or sea, but in an enormous aquarium that is home to around 65,000 water creatures.

You’d wake with the sharks and sea rays, but you’d have to pay around $8,200 per night for that. As a pleasant bonus, you’d be provided with 24/7 room service, a 30-minute training session, and free transportation from and to the airport. Besides checking out the spectacular dance of the fishes and other sea animals, you might like to scuba dive and try to blend in the movements of the water life.

Lovers Deep Submarine, Caribbean

If you think that a room in an underwater hotel isn’t enough, the Lovers Deep Submarine will provide you with luxurious quarters that can be adorned to your taste. Created by Oliver’s Travel (a British company), the “Lovers Deep” is the world's first submarine hotel that can be booked. It is a complete favorite among couples who like to have a romantic and intimate time together. It is a perfect escape from the solid grounds as it provides a luxurious bedroom, living room, and even a decent-sized shower.

You’ll have to pay around $215,000 per night, but the offers include: a personal selection where the vessel can be anchored (whether off the coast of St. Lucia or somewhere in the Red Sea), a wide range of delicacies including caviar, oysters, and a decadent chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate (which by the way are absolutely free), and private speedboat transfers. As you can see, for an idyllic stay in an underwater hotel, Caribbean is just the right place.

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Just like the Atlantis underwater hotel, Sentosa is built in an aquarium that is home to 40,000 sea creatures. This underwater resort puts at guests' disposal eleven two-story suites and a patio that is built on the upper level. That means you’d have the pleasure to rest in a relaxing private jacuzzi. Otherwise, you could get downstairs to admire the underwater world straight from your bed. This underwater hotel price per night comes at $1,200.

Manta Resort, Zanzibar

Being more of a hotel room rather than a hotel suite, Manta Resort offers incredible underwater accommodations in a three-story private “island.” It is located on a two-minute ride off the coast of Pemba Island and provides a stunning coral reef view from the bedroom. If you don’t have the feeling of observing the underwater world from a glass box, then you have the possibility to dive all along the coast of Pemba Island and get in direct touch with it. All these goodies would cost you around $1,700 (three-night minimum).

The Muraka, Conrad Rangali Island Resort, Maldives

The first underwater hotel that has been opened to the world is The Muraka. A luxurious Rangali Island Resort that was submerged in water to provide the most astonishing view of the Indian Ocean. It is a two-level structure that displays a panoramic acrylic view from the bedroom for a full underwater experience. The living room located on the upper level is a true definition of luxury and good taste. The $50,000 per night (four-night minimum) price tag could quite make a hole in your wallet. However, besides the mentioned offers, you’d be provided with butler's quarters, an infinity pool, and enough space to have a mini-party.

Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden

If you want to experience the underwater stay in a hotel room, but don’t want to ruin your budget, try the Utter Inn hotel room. For just about $250 per night, the floating underwater room on Lake Mälaren will offer a comfortable twin bedroom and a lovely end table - a quiet and romantic place to spend your vacation time.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

One more savvy option right on the territory of the US is the Jules’ Undersea Lodge. One interesting fact is that it is the world’s oldest underwater hotel. The title has been given to it as it was established in the former research center. The price tag is slightly higher, constituting $650 per night, and for couples, the sum equals to $800. The last includes a world-famous underwater pizza delivery dinner and a continental style breakfast. Plus, many drinks, snacks, and the diving gear.

Bambu Indah Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

Though the Bambu Indah Hotel isn’t completely submerged in water, the views its Udang House suite is providing are so astonishing, that we had to put it on the list. The tempered glass floor of the hotel room allows its guests to watch beautiful sea creatures. Udang translates from the Indonesian language into “shrimp,” and that is not surprising, as the suite was built on a shrimp pond. If you want to gaze at the beautiful scenery of the swimming fish, you’ll have to drop $225 per night.

InterContinental Shimao Wonderland, Shanghai, China

Being built a decade in an abandoned quarry, The InterContinental Shimao Wonderland turned out to be one of the most incredible underwater resorts on the planet. This 370-room hotel is an absolute architectural wonder with its futuristic and extravagant designs. It also includes an artificial waterfall on its site, two underwater levels with a restaurant, luxurious guest rooms, and a pool. Yes, an underwater pool. The price starts at $15,000 for a night stay.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

The initial ground-built resort has extended its property under the water, making the Huvafen Fushi’s LIME spa the world’s first underwater spa. To have access to it, you have to rent a bungalow, which, as you may guess, doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to pay around $1,200 per night, but a private pool and a beautiful terrace are included in the price.

That's it for today's blog post. Hopefully, you know more about some of the most overwhelming underwater hotels in the world. We wish you happy traveling around the world and amazing vacations. And remember, these underwater hotel rooms are a total bargain for the level of luxury you get. Don't forget to spoil yourself with a better life since you deserve it!

Last Updated on January 28, 2020.