There’s nothing more astonishing than the time spent with your baby. This little bundle of joy is absolutely precious, and every moment you are near him is totally priceless. No wonder you carry your baby anywhere you go, but when talking about flights, you might be wondering whether or not it is safe to bring your baby aboard a plane.

There is no reason to fear flying with a baby while knowing how to soothe and entertain him. Any air travel with baby on board can be improved if knowing some tricks to make it more comfortable. That’s why we’ll disclose some efficient like hacks for an enjoyable airplane travel with baby. Read on to find out 20 most useful on-ground and inflight tricks and become a pro at baby travels.

1.  Baby Plane Ticket

When booking a flight for your baby, make sure you choose the ticket type according to your baby’s age. It is also wise to acknowledge the travel agents (whether the airline or travel agency) that you will bring your baby on a flight since you might be offered more convenient seats for flying with a baby. These are usually on the front rows of the cabin.

2.  Ask for a Plane Bassinet

If your baby’s weight is less than 8 kg (17.5 lbs), you might be able to get an airplane baby bassinet on request. The general rule for any airline is to request one not later than 24 hours prior to your flight. Boeing and Airbuses usually offer baby travel bassinets, but not any airline is providing them. Not every parent needs a bassinet, but if you do, check whether or not a specific airline has it available.

3.  Baby Airfares

When flying with an infant in the domestic area, you won’t be charged anything if you keep your baby on your lap. International baby flights cost 10% of an adult ticket price. Some airlines require additional fees, so you might be cautious.

4.  Baby at the Check-in

One advantageous side of any plane travel with kids is that you can check in passing the long queues. People waiting in line might be not so fond of that, so if you're not that type of air passenger who argues in the airport, you might seek help from the airport security staff and get what belongs to you by right.

5.  Bringing Stroller on Plane

You have to know that the stroller you might take on your air travel with baby is not included in the weight of your checked luggage. So you might consider bringing this essential on your trip. And don’t worry, it will be brought to you the moment you disembark the plane.

6.  Don’t Forget Baby’s Favorite Things

Especially if it’s baby's first flight. Babies are very curious, but at the same time, they fear the uncommon things. If you take your precious one on a long haul (Never mind. On short flights, too), you’d want to have something familiar to keep him comforted, entertained, and distracted.

7.  Keep Baby out of Airplane Noise

The airplane noise that comes of its engines is absolutely normal, but for some - totally annoying. Airport medical employees advise parents to use earbuds for their babies if these encounter discomfort or fear of the airplane noise.

8.  Handling Take-offs and Landings

One of the most useful tips for flying with a baby is to feed your baby during the take-off and landing. The sucking motion helps reduce the ear pain that we all have during take-offs and landings. As babies get discomfort too, feeding them at that time seems a wise decision.

9.  3+ Hours of a Baby Flight

Notice that airlines might offer you several infant amenities, including baby food and sanitary items if you are flying with a baby for more than 3 hours.

10.   Baby Food on Plane

Many parents worry about feeding their baby on board, but they absolutely don’t have to. If you are one of them, it’s good to know that you are permitted to take baby food aboard in reasonable quantities.

11.  Cold Baby Food on Airplane

And you don’t have to worry if the baby food got cold. You can ask the flight attendants to warm it up.

12.  Baby Flight Nausea

There are several tips to get rid of nausea on board if your baby gets one. If you decide to give him medication, you’ll have to be super cautious about it. We absolutely recommend consulting with your baby’s physician on the medication you will administer him.

13.  Baby Vaccination

Before taking on a flight with your baby, make sure he is vaccinated. If you are traveling with a baby to the region that requires an additional vaccine, it is good to consult your baby’s physician.

14.  Baby at the Security Check

It is worth knowing that babies go through the security check, just like you would be used to. But you don’t have to panic if you are getting asked to get your baby wholly undressed. It is just a way of precaution.

15.  Changing Baby’s Diapers

There are specialized changing tables, so you can change your baby’s diapers in Airbus and Boeing airplanes. But what’s for other types of planes, you will have to change them right in the bathroom.

16.  Sleeping Baby Aboard

It’s not surprising that every infant is different. That’s why considering that the high pressure on these altitudes could make him sleep. If the baby easily adapts to the new ambiance, then he’ll stay calm and comforted, and he’ll fall asleep easily. What’s for sensitive infants, they will make sure to show that they are present on this flight.

17. Interacting with Your Baby Aboard

When air traveling with baby, your mindset plays a significant role in your baby’s behavior. Take note that your baby is feeling you extremely well, and if you are nervous, he’ll seize it and will become nervous too. So, keep your mind at ease as much as you can.

18. Connecting Flights with A Baby

Having connecting flights in your itinerary is absolutely tiresome, and having one while traveling with a baby isn’t easier. That’s why you can totally have a rest in mothers' nursing lounges. These can’t be found in every airport, but you can always ask the airport staff if there’s one.

19. Additional Help

Flight attendants are incredibly sweet and polite when it comes to parents with infants. So, you can totally rely on their help and be sure that you’ll get the attention and support if needed.

20. Baby is a Baby, After All.

The last but not least, remember, a baby is a baby. He just got born and started to perceive this world. He’s clueless, he’s curious, and he’s frightened of the unknown. And he absolutely can’t contain his feelings about it, because he didn’t figure it out. That’s not a thing that everybody understands, so you don’t have to be sorry that your baby does what all regular babies do. Just enjoy the air travel with baby and have a pleasant, less stressful flight!

Last Updated on November 25, 2019.