This Will Make You Feel Good on Your Flight

Motion sickness is the last thing you'd want to experience during an airplane trip. Once it happens, it gets you confused, nervous, and you start feeling weak and sick. If you want to know the reason why this is happening to you, then you should know that the sensory organs are the ones to be blamed. Your brain gets confused when sensory organs, like your eyes and your ears, send mixed messages to it, causing dizziness and nausea. This thing happens due to the lack of motion inside the airplane's cabin. Your eyes are perceiving this thing, but your ears detect the oscillations that the aircraft produces, hence you feel a loss of balance.

Usually, this health condition develops when traveling by plane, boat, car, or train. If you discovered that you are prone to this condition, or you fear to encounter it, don't get too worried about it, as it can be prevented. Read on to find out some helpful tips on how to avoid fight motion sickness and prevent it.

The Preparations Should Start Days Before

Keeping your body and mind healthy is key to your well-being. That’s why you should think positively and eat correctly to avoid getting nauseated. Usually, motion sickness that people experience on the plane is associated with fear in their mind. A good piece of advice gave Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, who suggested to take a car ride as a passenger, and notice how bumpy the ride is. It is easy to find out that most of the car rides are much bumpier than air trips. Therefore, if you feel nauseated because of the fear, this exercise can calm your nerves days before your flight.

It is worth considering to eat less salty and greasy foods the night before your flight, as they can cause some digestive problems. Salty food and food that is high in fats can cause dehydration during the flight, thus it can lead to an overall bad stomach condition. Giving up food that usually irritates your stomach, several days before your air flights, and eating a light meal the night before, is a must.

Get the Right Seat to Avoid Getting Nauseous

It doesn't matter if you're sitting in first-class seats or having economy flights, if you're prone to it, you'll get nauseous anyway. Therefore, the correct placement on the plane can save you from this malicious condition. If you sit between the tenth and the thirtieth row, you will have a lower chance to experience motion sickness. The president of the Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, Quay Snyder, states that these spots are more stable, and, thus, the turbulence will be felt weaker.

If you choose to sit in the front rows of seats, you'll be disappointed to find out that you still get nausea when you land. When the airplane’s front wheels touch the ground, the ride gets bumpy, and you start feeling sick. We suggest taking a window seat, as watching the horizon allows your body to sense the motion, hence you won’t feel sick.

Practical Advice on Board

When you're already feeling nauseated, the last thing you'd want to happen to you is feeling hot. Put on layers of clothes to be able to remove them gradually as you feel hotter. Bring with you a personal fan, as it can cool you down.

Another option is to sip on ginger ale. You can bring it with you, or you can ask flight attendants to offer some ginger ale. There is some scientific proof that ginger ameliorates the motion sickness. The main condition is that the drink has real ginger in it.

Reading books can give you the knowledge of what you read, but doing it during an air trip can give you motion sickness. As a consequence, you won't want to throw off your body more by reading. As your eyes keep following the words, your brain gets more confused, and you start sensing that you are more unbalanced, thus you keep feeling sicker.

In case nothing above helps you, try some medications. Ask your local doctor or pharmacist about what pills can work for you. Do not take them if you are traveling alone, as some of them can cause drowsiness, and we recommend taking them carefully anyway.

Now that we have revealed this topic for you, we wish you could apply some of these tips to avoid motion sickness and get a comfortable flight.

Last Updated on September 5, 2019.