Nursing moms know the real struggle when traveling. Carrying a baby, the luggage, and other items that you’ve prepared for your trip seems like a daunting task. Things get even harder when your baby has to be fed or his diaper has to be changed. And everything you dream about that moment is a private place to take care of your baby and to relax.

Surprisingly or not, some airports feature such spots, and major airports don’t lack nursery rooms. Every airport mentioned in this blog post differs from one another and therefore each one encompasses their own features, either power outlets for milk pumps, changing tables, or comfy seats. Let’s dig into the article to discover where to find baby care rooms and what they are supplied with.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - AMS

There is a Baby Care Lounge inside AMS airport. Parents can change their babies’ diapers, moms can breastfeed them, and when there’s still time and their babies are asleep, they can relax in comfortable sofas. The lounge is located on Holland Boulevard, after the security, between Departure Lounges 2 and 3. The lounge is free of charge.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport - ATL

Not one but seven nursing stations are situated in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. These are small one-person suites equipped with a bench, a changing table, and a power outlet to charge or use the pump. Everything is to provide nursing moms with comfort, efficiency, and privacy. You’ll be able to find an airport baby nursery at Domestic Terminal West Crossover (pre-security), near gates B5, D34, T7, F5, E Centerpoint (post-security) and F arrivals (International).

Beijing Capital International Airport - PEK

Traveling parents can have a moment of privacy to feed their babies, change their diapers, or do other baby care things in three specialized spaces around PEK airport. Every airport nursery comes complete with seats, basins, changing tables, as well as power sockets. A pleasant bonus is small-size diapers and baby wipes that can be found there. Nursery rooms can be spotted in Terminal 1, East Satellite Hall, West Satellite Hall on Floor 2, in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 near most restrooms.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai - BOM

Mumbai airport doesn’t lack child care rooms, hence you can find several ones around its grounds. Every airport nursery is supplied with baby feeding and changing facilities. These can be located in Terminal 1 before security Check Area II and opposite to Gates 23 and 25. In Terminal 2, baby care rooms are spotted in the Departure Check-in area behind Island P, on Level 3 Retail area Near Theobrama, Post Immigration, and near Gate 42.

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport - DEL

You are able to spot baby rooms around Delhi airport in each of its three terminals. All airport baby care rooms are equipped with everything necessary for breastfeeding (as there are nursery stations for that) and diaper changing (including wash bins with hot water, wipe, and paper towel dispensers).

Dubai International Airport - DXB

Baby care rooms are located across all three terminals. Every nursing room comes with a water basin (hot and cold water included), a changing table, a chair, power outlets, and other useful amenities for baby care. There is no particular info on the location, so please address this question to the Information Zones.

Frankfurt Airport - FRA

Frankfurt Airport enclosures many baby care rooms which can be found in every large sanitary facility. There, nursing moms are able to change their babies’ diapers or breastfeed in privacy. These rooms are equipped with changing tables and mats, paper and wipe dispensers for babies, washbins as well as separate toilets for adults and kids.

Hong Kong International Airport - HKG

There are a total of 33 nursing rooms around HKG airport. In Terminal 1 - 16, in North Satellites Concourse - 4, in Midfield Concourse - 11 and in SkyPier - 2. All of them are supplied with feeding and changing facilities. What’s more, transit or/and transfer travelers have access to airport nurseries as well at both departures and arrivals levels.

London Heathrow International Airport - LHR

Heathrow houses a large number of changing rooms. These can be found at every terminal both before and after security, usually near restrooms. For nursing moms, there are specially designed spots where they are able to breastfeed their babies or use pumps. These are located at Terminals 1, 3 and 4, and in the Family Lounge at Terminal 3.

Singapore Changi Airport - SIN

World’s best airport did take care of nursing moms at the highest level. Everything starting with changing tables and finishing with hot water dispensers is put on the disposal of every traveler flying with babies. These baby care rooms are located in every Terminal, including Jewel, both at public and transit levels.

Tokyo Narita Airport - NRT

On every floor of its three terminals, Narita airport comes complete with nursing stations where parents can change their babies’ diapers or/and nurse. There you will find changing tables, cots, basins with hot water, and breastfeeding booths. Both dads and moms have access to the airport nursery, the booth being the only exception as it is meant to be used by moms.