Flying in business class or first class seats is the dream of many air travelers. Those who can afford tickets in such opulent seats are the lucky ones, as you may think. Unfortunately, the prices are high indeed. Nonetheless, if you have the opportunity to fly first or business class, you may want to know what you are going to pay for.

Whatever flying class you’d choose, you’d probably pick the best air carrier in the industry, since those might be the choice of many other air travelers. That’s why keeping a sharp eye on the airlines’ ratings, facilities, and amenities is key to a convenient and rewarding flight. Airflyby Team, eventually, is going to show you the best-rated airlines for business and first-class flights, to give you the chance to pamper yourself as you would in your dreams.  

First things first - The seat configuration in business and first-class depends on the type of aircraft. Different aircraft models of the same airline might provide different seat configurations. So, here is the first tip: pay attention to the aircraft models since the seat configuration may differ.

Flying First Class Internationally

1. Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite

Here's a closer look at the Singapore Airlines' 777 First Class suite as well. No matter which aircraft operates your flight, you get an astonishing experience in first class with Singapore Airlines.
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With spacious 35” wide full-grain leather seats that extend to 80” will keep you relaxed and comfortable no matter how long your flight will take. Besides a private suite that gives you the opportunity to be entertained during the flight and step out of the aircraft refreshed, you will get an excellent dining experience, prepared with much attention by notable chefs.

2. Qantas A380 First Class Seat

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Here's how a First Class flight experience on Qantas looks like!

Subtle colors of the armchairs onboard Qantas aircraft create a serene atmosphere. To make you feel at home, there is a built-in massage function, in-flight entertainment, and enough room for two passengers to dine together. The 83.5-inch extensible armchair will also provide you with healthy and peaceful sleep. Additionally, the Sheridan bedding, memory foam mattress, and pillow menu will help you to fall asleep faster, and wake up feeling revitalized.

3. Qatar Airways A380 First Class Seat

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When flying first class with Qatar Airways, you get an unforgettable experience or at least a wonderful one. As the key characteristics of first-class seats that every air passenger seeks are comfort and privacy, Qatar Airways has been working on that. Thus, you get the much-wanted privacy, a wide and comfortable seat that is extendable, so you can take a nap. In addition to that, the luxurious Frette linen and a duvet will create the perfect environment to get some rest.

4. Air France B777-300ER La Première cabin

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Who says you can’t have a nice sleep aboard a plane? La Première cabin offers a 30-inch seat that is easily transformed into a full-sized 6.5ft bed. It also goes with a memory foam mattress, a pillow, and a duvet for your comfort. To keep you entertained, there is a 24-inch display on which are shown movies, games, TV shows, and music worth 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment.

5. British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner First Class Seat

With British Airways' first-class seats, you have both working and resting opportunities. If privacy is your requirement, then 787-9 Dreamliner Craft should be your choice, since there are only 8 first-class seats. The fully flat 6ft 6in long bed that goes with a microfibre mattress topper and 400 thread count bedding will also add to your comfort.

6. Etihad A380 First Class Apartment

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One of the best seat layouts in the industry made Etihad Airways call their first-class seats, apartments. You won’t get bothered by others since you can close the door by sliding it and get some quality rest. If you choose to stay awake, the touch screen display will provide you with Wi-Fi, 100 hours of music, movies, TV shows, and many more. Additionally, comfortable leather seats are converted to fully flat 6ft 10in long beds.

7. Emirates B777-300ER First Class Suite

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The floor-to-ceiling doors will provide you with an intimate atmosphere, but the exquisite design of the suite will make you feel like a royal, whether you are dining, working, watching a movie, or sleeping. Since Mercedes-Benz has been working with Emirates on the design, you can expect a top-notch experience.

8. Japan Airlines B777-300ER First Class Seat

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Both a functional and a comfortable suite that Japan Airlines is providing to their passengers, matches the Japanese culture, their deep morals and values. Inflight facilities are various and include adjustable pillow, convertible seat (Bed maximum dimensions: 33x78”),  23-inch display, retractable privacy partition, and generous storage compartments.  

9. Oman Air B787-9 First Class Suite

There is enough room to stay relaxed and not to be bothered by other air passengers aboard the Oman Air B787-9 aircraft. The 25.5-inch wide seat that is convertible to a fully-sized bed that measures 87” long, will add to your comfort and privacy. But the 25-inch display will keep you from getting bored.

10. Cathay Pacific B777-300ER First Class Seat

When flying first class with Cathay Pacific, you get a spacious seat with built-in massage, luxurious Bamford bedding for lavish sleep, a great working opportunity thanks to various electronics and Wi-Fi, Bamford amenity kit, and many more other facilities.

11. Lufthansa A380 First Class Seat

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First class in Lufthansa in action. The quality of materials and the refinement of the finishes are screaming luxury.
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2019 blew the top off all of my previous records up in the air 🛫. I caught 69 flights covering 125,420 miles 🚀 from 32 cities 🌆 in 13 different countries 🗺 and still have the exact same number of takeoffs and landings 😜. All of this flying is equal to more than 5 complete laps of the earth or half way to the moon 🌓, and had me sitting in an airplane seat for a minimum of 12.3 full days 🗓 (though, it was actually more than that because I only track actual flying time). My longest flight spanned 8303 miles and took 15h 36m ⏱ from LAX-DOH 📍and I actually took that one in economy 💺, which some of you may remember, as it was memorable for all the wrong reasons🦶. The shortest flight took me 12 minutes ⏳ and about 28 miles from one safari camp to another in the Zimbabwean bush 🇿🇼. My favorite had to be in first class with Lufthansa from JNB-FRA in seat 1A on the 747 ✈️. Although many of you frequently assume I have Ultra-Platinum-Executive-Global-Swag-Elite status, after all that flying I only managed to earn MVP status on Alaska 📯 Ironically, I earned the status thanks to an error that granted me elite qualifying miles on an award ticket I flew with one of their partners 🤙🏻. The reason I didn’t earn higher status is that many of my flights were booked using airline miles, 710,500 of them to be exact 💳. There’s one part of all this that can’t be ignored and that’s my carbon footprint from all this flying: 24.7 tons of carbon 🏭. I am carbon offsetting all of my flying from last year, but carbon offsets aren’t a solution. It’s easy to glamorize flying, especially when I get to do a lot of it in first and business class, but In 2020, I am actively going to try and fly a bit less. I think it’ll be good for my health and good for the 🌎 . Finally, a huge shoutout to @_zachgriff and the team @thepointsguy for helping book and coordinate much of this travel, I couldn’t have done it without you guys or your miles haha. Much of it was part of my travel series Have Points Will Travel which you can find on YouTube. If you’re still reading this, thanks for the support and interest in my content ❤️

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The highest levels of comfort can be attained in the first class of Lufthansa Airlines, thanks to the ergonomic seats that the aircraft is equipped with. These are also adjustable and can be transformed into a 79-inch flat bed. You will also be provided with a temperature-regulating duvet to match your comfort levels.

12. ANA B777-300ER First Class Seat

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) has collaborated with famed architect Kengo Kuma and leading British designers Acuman to roll-out 12 completely redesigned Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The first of the jets was due to enter service on the carrier’s Tokyo/Haneda-London route from August 2. Among the most notable changes is the all-new first-class seats, known as THE Suite. Inspired by luxury Japanese hotels this fully enclosed seating, the most spacious ever seen on an ANA aircraft, features privacy-enhancing doors and the world’s first 4K 43in (109cm) personal monitor as well as a movable partition that can be adjusted upon request to pair seats. #allnipponairways #allnippon #allnipponairlines #allnipponairways_official #allnightnippon #allnipponairline #kengokuma #architect #tokyo #boeing #boeing777 #boeinglovers #boeing777300er #firstclassflight #firstclassflight #firstclassseat #hanedaairport #london #japanese #british #terminal #instatravelling #instatraveller #traveller #traveler #passenger #aviation #aviationdaily #aviationphotography #aviationlovers #travel #passenger ©️airliner world

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You can enjoy the personal space and feel refreshed once in first-class seats since ANA provides only 8 seats per first class. The suite features doors to give every passenger a high level of privacy. There’s also a movable partition, a large desk, plenty of compartments, power outlets and other electronics, a 43-inch 4K monitor, and convertible seats.

13. Korean Air A380 First Class Kosmo Suite

Credits: @EQRoy/
Look at the space you get! The large seat is a guarantee of a relaxed and cozy air journey.
Here's a closer look at the seat you get, and other facilities Korean Air is providing to their customers.

The 26.5-inch wide seat transformable into a 180° flat bed that measures 79” long is a guarantee of a relaxing flight. On top of that, the seat is fully adjustable to your liking. What’s for the inflight entertainment, Kosmo Suite offers a 23-inch LCD display to watch whatever you want, and Bose headphones for a quality audio while you listen to your favorite music.  

14. Saudi Arabian Airlines B777-368ER First Class Seat

The first class on Saudi Arabian Airlines features 23.8" wide seats that are converted to 80" long fully flat beds, high-tech entertainment facilities, including a 23-inch display, 40 stations of video, 12 audio stations, and games, as well as, great working opportunities.

15. China Southern Airlines A380 First Class Platinum Private Suite

Here's what you get. A 33-inch wide seat that is transformed into an 80-inch long fully flat bed, maximum intimacy thanks to the closing doors, electronically adjustable seats, a 23" screen, and a private storage cabinet, secured with a password lock.

16. Swiss B777-300ER First Class Cabin

You can pamper yourself with a lavish first-class flight with SWISS as you get plenty of inflight and on-ground amenities and facilities. Among them are listed: amenity kit with La Prairie products, elegant design with comfortable ottoman and table for dining even for two persons, wide seat that is transformed into a perfect horizontal bed, and extra class service.

17. Thai Airways A380 First Class Seat

Thai First Class offers plenty of facilities and amenities. Not to say how comfortable the seat is.
That seat looks comfortable! We suggest you to share with your pics from your first or business class plane ride in the comment section below.

The first class in Thai Airways’ aircraft are truly spectacular. Contemporary design with Thai motifs, a calming color palette, and a spacious semi-private suite is a guarantee of wonderful flight experience. What’s more, the 21-inch wide seat that is transformed into a real 7ft long bed is going to help you get rested while drifting the friendly skies.

Flying Business Class Internationally

1. Hong Kong Airlines A350-900 Business Class Seat

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Business class perks:

  • 23” wide seat;
  • 76” long 180° flat bed;
  • 44” seat pitch;
  • Elegant and practical design;
  • Exquisite amenity kit for destinations like USA, Canada, New Zealand & Australia - Hong Kong;
  • Gourmet dining and others.

2. WestJet 787 Dreamliner Business Class Seat

Business class perks:

  • 46” seat pitch;
  • 22” wide seat;
  • Fully flat seat accompanied by blankets and pillows;
  • 18.5” wide screen and various entertainments;
  • Premium amenity kit;
  • Exquisite wines and various meals, and many more.

3. Malaysia A330 Business Class Seat

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Business class perks:

  • 20” wide seat;
  • 78” long 180° flat bed;
  • Fully adjustable seat;
  • Generous storage compartment;
  • 16” wide screen;
  • Gourmet cuisine;
  • An award winning service and others.

4. Virgin Australia B777-300ER Business Class Seat

Business class perks:

  • Private suite;
  • 80” fully flat bed;
  • 18” wide screen;
  • A bar for 10 guests;
  • A La Carte cuisine;
  • 500 hours of entertainment;
  • a Mandarina Duck amenity kit and REN Skincare products.

5. Hainan Airlines 787 Business Class Seat (“Dream Feather”)

Business class perks:

  • A 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seat configuration;
  • 22.5’’ wide seat;
  • 38’’ seat pitch;
  • 78” long 180° flat bed;
  • 5 storage areas;
  • 18” wide screen;
  • 19x17” dining table, and other amenities.

6. Austrian Airlines 777-200ER Business Class Seat

Credits: @Dmitry Birin/

Business class perks:

  • 24’’ wide seat;
  • 6ft long 180° flat bed;
  • Delicious menu by Do&Co (Austian famous gourmet catering company);
  • 15” wide screen;
  • 350 hours of entertainment;
  • 10 most popular Austrian coffee specialties.

7. Air Canada 777-300ER Business Class Seat

Credits: @First Class Photography/
If you've been wondering how first class in Air Canada looks like, here's a peek. As you can see, business class keeps up with first class.

Business class perks:

  • 1000+ hours of entertainment;
  • Adjustable head and footrests;
  • Fair amount of privacy;
  • 18” touchscreen display;
  • Fully flat bed.

8. KLM 787 Business Class Seat

Business class perks:

  • 78-81” long flat extendable seat;
  • 16-18” wide screen;
  • Comfort kit designed by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau;
  • Direct aisle access.

9. Asiana A380 Business Class Seat

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出發的幾週前 因為看到部落客 寫的地雷韓亞雪梨-仁川這條線 突然很擔心是場可怕經驗(畢竟不像大家有好用的信用卡,我們家的商務艙只能真金白銀的刷下去+出差的里程) . 距離上一次坐韓亞長程 大概是4年前了(短程則是每個月)以前都選韓餐 現在住在韓國後只想選西餐了~還好不是太雷,東西雖然不算好吃 但是不難吃哈XD 對了麵包一定要選這個蒜香的喔!其他的我都覺得普普 . 還是很想坐的長程A380(以前都只坐過短程)自從去年體驗了很想坐的長程787(Etihad阿迪哈德) 就剩下幾個機型沒有長程體驗了! 現在有點期待回程的A350(Thai airways泰航)也是我沒坐過長程的~ . 大家有跟我一樣嗎 變的是收集的心情XD #旅行的另一種樂趣 #itravelchic #anvichen #anvi #asianaairlines #asianaa380 @flyasiana

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Business class perks:

  • 22” wide seat;
  • 32” wide display;
  • Automatic seat control;
  • Fully flat convertible seat;
  • Gourmet meal service;
  • Various types of teas.
First class seats seem wonderful in Asiana. Plenty of space, comfortable seats, and a pleasant color palette.

Business and First Class Domestic Flights

It is obvious why many air travelers chose to take business or first-class international flights, but are domestic flights within the US worth the splurge? Read on, and find out the perks of flying business class or first class domestically on the best-rated airlines.

1. Hawaiian Airlines A330 First Class Seat

Also called “Premium Cabin,” Hawaiian’s first-class seats are designed with Hawaiian motifs in mind to be both practical and stylish. A generous amount of space, a transformable seat to a 76” long fully flat bed, and in-seat power outlets will make your flight productive, relaxed, and fairly enjoyable. Also, the comfortable seat goes with entertainment options, world-class cuisine, and a premium service that will make your flight experience more pleasant.

2. Alaska Airlines 737-900 First Class Seat

The Recaro leather seats that are reclinable will offer a cozy feel, but the built-in power outlets and a 40” pitch will make your flight more productive if you wish to work or just stay relaxed.

3. Delta 757-200 First Class Seat

Credits: @EQRoy/
Though it seems like there's not so much space, air passengers can perform various activities while in their first class seats.
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Economy Premium vs Business/Delta one vs Economy. So in the past two month I’ve been to US twice, been in 4 states, and I tried every possible way of travelling. Saint-P - LA - economy premium with comfy seat with extra legroom, LA- Amsterdam with economy, cause extra legroom seat wasn’t already an option😖 - this was the worst- just economy is 👎🏻. LED- Vegas - LED - first class & business class. So, regarding Delta One. Some asked my opinion on it, but it’s not that I can say something too special. Delta is considered #1 US airline and I’d say it’s fairly earned. The only proper reason to pay for first/business class is of course bed. I mean obviously all the food and alcohol are included, but come on, I felt like a 🐷 after the flight, despite I skipped some of the meals. Food is amazing, wine card includes VERY nice wine choices, champagne option. Ok, getting back to bed: it’s super comfy and I slept 7 hours which is absolute record ( I sucked in sleeping at the airplanes). The selection of cheeses and all the kind of ice-creams is 😻as well. The service is exceptional. You’re also given Delta Bag with lip balm, hand cream, socks, tooth brush etc (pic attached). WiFi is complimentary and free for messengers ( which reminds me of 🤦🏻‍♀️ AirFrance WiFi “the satellite connection has been lost” all the way.) This all sounds amazing if you forget about the price of the ticket - this time it was 2500 euros per person, despite we had 2 transfers. We booked just couple of weeks in advance, but the price wouldn’t have been significantly lower (maybe 100-200€). Economy Premium wasn’t booked in advance as well, but the price was like hmmm 600 eur? So yeah, up to you whether you wanna spend extra 1900 euros for bed, unlimited alco and food🐷, basic WiFi🤷🏻‍♀️ The conclusion is: if 2k+ is totally fine to spend for a flight for you - go for it, if you are in doubt - don’t do it, you will be fine with economy premium. Cause a) with economy premium if you are well-prepared you can manage to sleep as well b) in business you end up overeating and over-drinking which is bad for jetlag c) for price difference you may have so much fun at your destination!

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Each mile above the ground will be spent in a spacious seat that reclines to up to 8” and has an adjustable headrest. You won’t get bored since you can be entertained by an 11” wide display that features movies, games, and TV shows. The seat also features power outlets, so you can keep your devices charged.

4. American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Seat

Credits: @EQRoy/

When taking domestic flights in business class with AA’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, you get plenty of perks that include a 20.5" wide seat, a lie-flat construction, and wireless entertainment featuring AA app.

5. JetBlue A321 Mint Business Class Seat

Credits: @EQRoy/

Winning the 2019 Travelers’ Choice in Tripadvisor’s rating, JetBlue A321 Mint business class seats spark with comfort, luxury, and effectiveness even on domestic flights. The seats feature a lie-flat construction that measures 6ft 8 inches, an adjustable firmness of the cushions, built-in massage, delicious menu, 15" personal display with plenty of entertainment options, and top-notch service.  

6. United Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Seat

Credits: @EQRoy/

Business-class seats in the United 777 aircraft provide much-needed relaxation, comfort, and a high grade of privacy. The wonderfully designed cabin features a 16” touchscreen display for your entertainment, an exclusive amenity kit, and enough space to work, enjoy a movie, or sleep.

Final Thoughts on Business and First-Class Domestic and International Flights on the Best-Rated Airlines

Depending on your requirements, destination, and priorities, you can choose either first class or business class for your flight. Since the Airflyby Team researched the topic, we can state that in some cases business class is more welcome to be chosen than first class, but it all depends on the airline.

These are the most trusted, award-winning airlines that provide business and first-class seats. Hopefully, the above-listed perks and pictures will help you make the right choice for you. We wish you an enjoyable trip that is worth the splurge!

Last Updated on January 28, 2020.