Flying in economy class doesn’t always imply narrow legroom, small chairs, and a lack of other perks important for passengers’ comfort. Airlines have extended their ranges of amenities to accommodate their customers and make their flights more enjoyable. If you are searching for airlines that provide travelers with cool stuff for free, here’s a list with airline features that might make you travel with a certain airline more.

Air France - Snack buffet with champagne and digestive liqueurs

Every cabin class is provided with champagne and a range of digestive liqueurs like cognac or Armagnac when flying with Air France. What’s more, passengers get access to a variety of snacks, sandwiches, and sweets when having long-haul flights.

Air New Zealand - Lie-flat beds

Plane seats in economy cabins are often really uncomfortable as they are narrow and spaced to each other pretty close which leaves a little for the legs and bags. But, luckily that’s not for every airline. Air New Zealand’s Skycouch is a cabin feature that is represented by basically three economy seats that turn into a flatbed. To start the transformation you just need to press a button. There’s also a footrest that can be lifted and adjusted between 60 or 90 degrees. Speaking of the armrest, these go all the way up which adds a lot of space.

Alaska Airlines - Free wine transport

Alaska Airlines’ Wine Flies Free program allows passengers to carry a case of wine without paying a baggage fee. The airline feature is available for flights between 30 cities on the west coast.

All Nippon Airways - Japanese snacks, specialty fruit drinks, and sake

Flying with ANA can bring up some cool perks. For instance, you’ll find complimentary Japanese candies put at the disposal of passengers, snacks such as Arare rice crackers, and even some specialty fruit cocktails like Aromatic Kabosu. There are also offered a selection of sake.

Asiana Airlines - Entertainment programs with magic shows, fortune readings, and nail arts

Those flying in economy with Asiana are offered plenty of exciting stuff; nail arts and face mask services are one of them. The crew is so professional that they can even perform the extraction of fresh coffee beans to make delicious coffee in front of their passengers. What’s more, there are entertaining programs like gifting toys and balloons and magic shows for them on-board.

Delta - Bistro-style dining and free cocktails, plus hot towel service

One awesome thing about Delta is that the airline offers dishes like shrimps, wines, cocktails, and champagne, as well as complimentary coffee, tea, and water on its international routes. On top of that, passengers can benefit from hot towel service and receive some special souvenirs on demand.

Emirates - Polaroid cameras

You’d be able to capture your memories with Emirates as the airline offers polaroid cameras. You can take a shoot with the crew, and what’s more, have access to free Wi-Fi, power up your devices with the built-in power outlets, and even make phone calls on-board. That’s what we call excellent airline amenities!

Etihad Airways - Onboard nannies

Among the airline facilities, Etihad Airways is providing with its passengers is the in-flight nanny service. Parents can relax a bit as fly nannies take care of their kids while performing crafts and arts activities or assisting them on things like getting to the restroom.

Hawaiian Airlines - Cocktails, ukuleles, and scenic tours

Some of the most exquisite complimentary drinks are served aboard Hawaiian Airlines with Koala Breeze Rum Punch and a specialty coffee created by Lion Coffee from 100% Arabica beans as their business card. A fun airline feature is embedded on interisland flights ‘Ohana by Hawaiian, and it consists of the fact that the crew gives scenic tours and provides passengers with ukuleles.

Korean Air - Slippers

When flying with Korean Air from the US, Europe, the Middle East or Oceania, you’d be offered a pair of slippers. This small but one of the most thoughtful comfort features can make Korean Air win your heart. Besides that, the amenity kid you’d be handed includes other cool items such as toothbrush, which is indispensable on long-haul flights.

Qantas - Cadbury hot chocolate service

Chocolate lovers will love this! After your meal is done, you might want to enjoy the hot chocolate service provided by Cadbury. A selection of mini chocolates and a complimentary snack bar is also available.

Qatar Airways - Lunch boxes and toys

If you travel with kids, your little ones might enjoy the trip even more with Qatar as the airline offers activity packs complete with puzzle books, crayons, stickers, coloring pages, and plush toys. There are also special lunch boxes featuring diverse popular characters prepared for your precious ones.

Singapore Airlines - Singapore Sling cocktails

The famous Singapore Sling is available on-demand aboard Singapore Airlines. We have to mention that this air carrier was the first one to deliver free drinks in the main cabin. If you wonder what was mixed in that cocktail here’s the list of ingredients: Cointreau, Heering cherry liqueur, Bénédictine D.O.M., grenadine, and gin, plus a dash of Angostura bitters, pineapple, and lime juice, all topped with ice.

Southwest Airlines - Free bags and live concerts

The most extravagant way to entertain flyers is provided by Southwest Airlines as the air carrier occasionally holds live concerts at a height of 35,000 feet. You never know when it is going to happen, but it still occurs to some lucky passengers. Nonetheless, everyone can still benefit from carrying two carry-on bags abroad for free, which is fortunate enough.

Virgin Atlantic - Tea in the afternoon

Along with some airline amenities on Virgin Atlantic’s routes, there is listed the signature afternoon tea that is served in every cabin class.  You could enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a selection of snacks, for instance, some sandwiches made by the Grown Up Chocolate Company, Peppersmith mints, or Tyrell crisps.