Traveling with a newborn, an infant, or a toddler is not hard anymore when you know what to expect in the airport or on a flight. Though unexpected occurrences can catch off guard anybody, having a plan in mind is the key to a hassle-free travel with your baby. Thus, you should be armed with tricks of flying with a baby, for instance, tips for soothing a crying baby while on a plane. In this blog post, we’ll shed some light on how much baby food is allowed on flights, how to transport it, and stay out of stress at the same time.

TSA Guidelines for Baby Food

Feeding baby on plane is vital for any baby’s well being and parent’s peace of mind (and maybe every passenger too, as you know what babies do if they aren’t fed enough and on time). So, the question “can you bring baby food on plane?” should be left behind the moment you think about it.

As there are so many guidelines that require to be followed, you’d think that baby stuff couldn’t be passed over unnoticed. Lucky for all of those with babies, according to the TSA, baby formula powder, breast milk, juice, and water for your baby don’t fall under the TSA’s liquid regulation. Hence, you can have them at your hand when needed, as you are allowed to take them in your carry-on luggage.

One thing to make sure is to carefully plan the amount of baby food you may take, as TSA states that you can only take “reasonable quantities.” This is an abstract understanding, and it can be interpreted differently by anyone, but if not complying with the regulation, several items may end up confiscated. So, you may pack enough food for your baby suitable for your air trip in your carry-on, but the rest should be put in your checked luggage.  

What comes to types of baby products, you are allowed to take breast milk, juice, water, jarred food, and baby pouches on plane. You should also be ok with carrying baby formula powder on plane. All of the baby food will be screened, just like your regular stuff. You don’t have to worry about the X-ray screening as it doesn’t affect the items’ conditions. Make sure to declare every baby food you pack in your carry-on luggage, as it might get confiscated if you don’t do it. Besides that, cooling or freezing packs, and other items that chill the baby food should be declared in similar conditions if they become partially frozen or slushy.

Baby Food Packing and Transportation Tips

As we mentioned above, baby food quantities are extremely abstract according to the TSA guidelines for baby food. Though, here are some useful tips on how to handle the dilemma of flying with baby food. Since you know your baby’s feeding schedule, and the amount of food he eats during a period of time, you should be able to estimate the amount of food you may take on your flight. You should also consider not only the in-flight time but also the time you get to the airport and from the airport to your destination.

You may have to take a large amount of baby food on plane (for your entire trip) if, for instance, your baby has allergies, and he can’t be fed anything else. For that reason, you may bring enough food for your baby on a plane in case you don’t have easy access to shops or drugstores that sell the required baby food. If you travel to big cities or popular resort destinations, there’s a higher chance of getting food for your baby as easy as you might get back home.

If you have to pack extra food for your baby on your trip, you may ask airline customer support to check the specific guidelines for it, and have useful advice on how to transport a large amount of baby food on plane in case it can’t be transported in check-in baggage. Airlines usually go on compromises when it comes to babies, so you only have to ask for it, and watch how it turns out.

You Can Get a Baby Meal In-Flight

When flying with a toddler, you may bring food and some snacks to keep him fed and entertained, but consider the option of taking a baby meal in-flight for your precious one. For instance, major airlines in Europe like Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines offer meals that were created with care and with kids in mind. Baby food in limited quantities can be provided aboard Austrian Airlines planes. The only condition of reserving a meal for your baby is to get in touch with the air carrier utmost 24 hours prior to your departure time.

Now you can be sure that you are a pro at flying with baby food. In case you meet some uncertainties, make sure to ask the TSA agents or airline customer support. It is always better to be prepared in advance, rather than to be sorry later. We wish you joyful and stress-free air trips with your baby!

Last Updated on November 14, 2019.