Sometimes, borders are so easily crossed

We can agree on the fact that there are things that can annoy anybody in any life situation. It gets worse when you experience them during your airplane travel. But the worst thing is getting stuck in a cramped space for hours with some fellow passengers, who doubtfully have any idea what etiquette is.

We understand how hard it is to maintain a positive mindset when you encounter an unpleasant and irritating behavior, especially when the person sits in a neighboring flight seat.

And, yes. It is possible to get rid of the bad habits that can annoy people on a plane, and to have a peaceful flight, both you and that annoying person.

If you discovered that your neighbor is one of those annoying people, we are ready to show 17 basic etiquette rules to follow onboard, so you can shove them into his/her face.

So, here we gathered a list of annoying habits to be conscious about, as well as to help you identify and eliminate them, in case you diagnose yourself with one of those (we are sure you are not one of them!). These are the annoying situations that you might be caught up into and the thoughts that you might have while coming across these:

Don’t abuse that overhead bin

You arrived on board. Put your bag in the overhead bin, and seated yourself cozily, waiting for the plane to leave the ground.

Then a person with a handful of bags showed up and proceeded to stuff the overhead bin with his belongings. Afterward, he seated himself.

10 rows away.

Your heart sank as the image of your wrinkled clothes and messed up belongings, that were neatly packed in your bag, appeared in front of your eyes. Yes, we feel it too.

Don’t board before you have been called

Most of the airlines built a system to get passengers embarked in a quick and efficient way. For this reason, you can watch small groups of people get on the plane, one by one.

And we know what you’re thinking about. The overhead compartment it’s going to be fully stuffed when you finally get on board with the Y group.

In case the airline didn’t start with the checked baggage fees, you don’t have to climb someone’s head to get on the airplane early. Cheating is not the case, too.

Babies? Crying babies!

The human race is overall emotional, but while we, grown-ups, can control our emotions, babies can’t. Can we blame them for that reason? Definitely not. Until it’s about our kids, and not about someone else's.

Don’t get angry, I need to pee!

We know that one of the most annoying things is when you relax on the aisle seat, and the person who sits near the window has to pass by, to reach the restroom.

Often. Really often. But it is equally annoying when you have to visit it constantly.

Nobody has to win in this case.

A business call

You probably met this one: “Hi! Yeah, we landed! ... Hello? Can you hear me? ... We are coming soon… Can you hear me? … Hello?”.

It gets more annoying when you see people turn on their cell phones when the plane hasn't even landed yet.

Mmm, those nato beans!

We know it too - airlines cut the food and drink service often to lower the ticket price, or the food and beverages can get really high in price onboard.

So, in case you get hungry on the plane, taking your meal is a thing to consider.

But couldn’t you leave that “delicious” piece of fish and that garlic meal, that spins your head only by smelling it at home or eat it at your destination?

Can you talk louder?

Is it so necessary to talk that loud on the plane? Yes, it gets everybody’s attention, but definitely not in a good way. Only rude airline passengers would act like that, and they would probably be shushed a lot on that flight.

That middle seat is mine!

What a relief is when you see that middle seat empty. It makes you breathe easier, somehow.

Until you see that neighbor placing his belongings on it. One by one: the bag, the neck pillow, all of his belongings that he previously held on to himself.

Is it even legal?

And the armrest, too!

When it comes to armrests - it’s a war. It is like a personal space invasion that evolves into an elbow war in a fast way.

Sharing is caring! Achoo!

These last points on the list are about borderlines.

And these borderlines are destroyed in an instant when someone keeps sharing his germs with everyone on his way. Spreading the new virulent illness that you caught on your vacation gives you no chance of making friends on the plane.

No, don’t turn off the sound of your game

Games, like movies, get us entertained aboard. But can you be entertained by those sounds that come from a game-playing kid who is sitting next to you? Surely not, especially if that device keeps beeping for 2 hours straight.

Is the plane on fire or what? Why are you rushing?

The reason why people are rushing to disembark the plane is unexplainable. It feels like going back to the times when queues weren’t discovered yet.

Please, take a shower!

Imagine sitting near a smelly person for 4 hours in a fully-booked plane with no chance of getting out. You are probably crying inside, even while reading it.

For this very reason, the aircrew carries deodorants on board. But keep in mind, doing the hygiene routine aloft in the presence of everyone is totally a no-no. You wouldn’t want to be one of those annoying passengers, don’t you?

Can you put the shoes back on?

As you know, you can’t open a window on the plane. But some types of airline passengers apparently don’t know about that. These ones mock their shoes once on board and stride it barefoot.

Probably not the best idea, especially when having smelly feet.

Hello? Are you ok in there?

Have you ever been staying in front of the restroom door with your legs crossed and banging on it for 10 minutes? People should be less selfish and realize that they are not traveling alone.

Should your seat be positioned like that?

One of the most annoying passengers on plane is considered the one that reclines his seat. Doesn't he know that if he does that he'll hit the person sitting behind? And, there's a chance that he'll hit him with his tray table if he's taking a meal.

It’s so annoying when the seat in front of you gets reclined in your face. People should be more conscious of the fact that economy class seats leave limited space for legs. And the same thing is happening for any airline seats.

Please, don’t kick my seat

Probably the last one is one of the most annoying things that can occur to anyone on the plane. Seat kickers are true culprits, as it is widely known that no one likes when their seat is constantly kicked, pushed or shoved. In addition to that, it is well known that flight seats are light and don’t save from any kicks.

So, there you have it, a list of annoying situations that can get any cold-blooded air passenger furious. And remember, showing respect towards other air passengers means that you have some value for yourself. Respecting other’s thoughts and actions, plus acting by the etiquette, can build a strong relationship between people, thus making us a strong and rational community.

Last Updated on September 5, 2019.