More than 100,000 flights are taking place every day, with millions of travelers getting on planes. Nowadays, taking a flight is as common as to get on a bus. And, while you are thinking that there is nothing that could impress you about planes and air flights, we will be unveiling some interesting facts that can actually amaze you.

Different Meals Are Served for Pilots and Their Co-Pilots.

different meals

It is not a strict rule, but most of the pilots and co-pilots of diverse airlines won’t eat the same meal for dinner. This is a way of precaution of getting two pilots sick at the same time. So, in case one gets sick, the other can maneuver the plane.  

The Dirtiest Place on an Airplane Is Considered… (Hint: It Is Not the Bathroom).

tray table on plane

The tray table that you are eating off. A scientific study showed that 2,155 CFU (colony-forming bacterial units) per square inch are formed on the surface of an airplane tray table. For the sake of comparison, the flush button of an airplane bathroom hosts just 265 CFU/square inch.

The Highest Speed of a Commercial Plane Was Twice the Speed of Sound.


The plane that traveled at twice the speed of sound, was none other than the Concorde. This offered flights between 1987 and 2003, and it could develop a speed of 1,354 mph, which made him one of the fastest flying planes that carried passengers. Although it is not carrying air passengers anymore, there was enough time for it to set a number of records. One of them is for its speed. In this particular case for the fastest transatlantic flight, when it flew with passengers on board, from New York (JFK) to London (LHR), in just 02:52:59 hours.

The Most Dangerous Time of a Flight Is the Takeoff and the Landing.

plane taking off

A report by Boeing revealed that 13% of accidents with fatalities happen during the first three minutes of the flight, including takeoff and initial climb. Nonetheless, 48% of all fatal accidents happen during the last 8 minutes of airplane flights, which makes the descent and landing the deadliest time of a flight.

Pilots Can Actually Sleep During the Flight.

pilot yawn

You may be surprised, but there is a chance that no one is manning the plane during a portion of the flight. A report by BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) showed that among 500 pilots, 43% admitted falling asleep while handling the plane, and the other 31% - to wake from a nap to find their co-pilot sleeping.

Oxygen Masks Aboard Won’t Hold on for the Whole Flight.

oxygen masks plane

If you think that those oxygen masks can last for a whole flight, we are sorry to inform you that they can't. For example, they can hold up to 12 minutes on a Boeing 737. But you don’t have to worry, because studies showed that this amount of time is enough to sustain passengers’ lives in case of an emergency.

Lights Are Dimmed During Airplane Travels, but It’s Not for Better Sleep.

dimmed lights on plane

The truth behind why the lights are dimmed is not to help you have a better time sleeping or resting. The purpose is to get passengers’ eyes adjusted to the darkness. This part is essential when a flight takes place, as it increases the chances of survival in case of a nighttime evacuation.

You Won’t Be Able to Open the Plane’s Door Mid-Flight.

plane door

Did the idea of opening the airplane door mid-flight cross your mind, lately? Don’t even try it, as you’d get caught in double trouble. Firstly, this action is impossible to realize as the door won’t even open. Secondly, you can get arrested for trying. So, as long as you don't have superhero powers, you'll have to keep on doing those boring human activities, just like everyone else.

All International Flights Pilots Must Speak English.

pilot speaking english

In 2003, new requirements were added to the Chicago Convention that stated that pilots, who take on international travel by air, should be able to speak aviation English, in order to eliminate potentially-fatal misunderstandings.

Pointing a Laser at a Plane Is Considered a Real Crime.

pointing laser on plane

If you don’t want to get imprisoned for at most 5 years, you may not point a laser pointer at an aircraft, or its flight path. According to 18 U.S. Code Section 39A, you can’t point the beam of a laser pointer, as it may distract pilots while an airplane takes off or lands.  

Bathrooms on an Airplane Can Be Opened from the Outside.

bathroom lock on plane

While locking the bathroom door on a plane, and having a minute of privacy, you may be surprised that, in reality, the cabin crew has a hidden button that can open that door, if they need it. Don’t worry, as flight attendants won’t open it unless your or other passenger’s safety is in danger.

Air on a Plane Is Much Drier Than You Think.

drinking water on plane

It is a common thing for air passengers to be dehydrated while aboard. The change of taste buds and dry skin are two more things that occur during flights. Everything is explained by the fact that air onboard is drier than in any place on the planet. For example, the humidity in one of the hottest places in the world, in the Mojave Desert (United States), is about 50%. In contrast to that, the average humidity on a plane is less than 20%.

To Test the Plane on Safety Dead Chickens Are Thrown into It.

birds and plane

Before you start reporting this “issue” to PETA, you should know that no chicken alive was ever harmed while testing plane safety. Only already dead chickens are thrown with a “chicken gun” into the plane’s windshields to see if they can protect passengers and pilots in the event of a flying bird collision.

A Car Is Less Fuel-Efficient Than a Boeing 747.

boeing 747

Taking into consideration that Boeing 747 consumes about 1 gallon of fuel per second (0.2 miles per gallon) and that an average car consumes 1 gallon of fuel every 25 miles, we would think that a car is more fuel-efficient. But taking into account that Boeing 747 carries about 500 passengers, that gets 100 miles per gallon per person.  

The Safest Way to Travel Is by Air.

safe air travel

Air travel is still considered the safest way to travel. In 2018, the rate of fatal accidents related to commercial aircraft was low (0.385 fatal accidents per million flights). By comparison, 37,461 people died in 2018 from a car crash, while 534 - from a commercial plane accident. So, you may book the airline tickets you want and put your mind at ease.

Last Updated on September 25, 2019.